Alien Abductee Discloses Astounding Details on What ETs Did With His Family

Published on February 9, 2018

This family found themselves outside in front of the strange, illuminated craft – staring down life forms not of this world. Before they knew it, they were being escorted inside the UFO by the alien beings. They would later recall the creatures as odd-looking, emitting a perpetual ethereal glow. Once all were aboard, they showed the Reed brothers images of a willow tree and a large body of water on a big screen. In the final abduction, just like both of the prior occurrences, there was no warning that something strange was about to happen. Then there were strange lights, a sudden shift in pressure and deafening silence. Suddenly, Thomas Reed recalls being back in the space ship. He remembers being in a big dark room, a body-encasing chamber, a series of long, illuminated corridors and frightfully calling out for his mother and other family members. This is one of the most fascinating cases of alien abduction ever recorded.

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