Area 51 Whistleblower Bob Lazar the Man Who Saw Alien Technology

Published on January 29, 2018

The Bob Lazar story started when he told of working at S-4 south of Area 51, where he saw flying saucers so advanced they had to be from somewhere else. This is a model of the reactor that he says was able to generate its own gravitational field, powered by what he called element 115. Lazar's story led to Area 51 drawing global attention and even caused the USSR to divert its spy satellites in an attempt to observe the location after the story went public. Lazar reflected on his decision to talk about Area 51 and the aftermath of his revelations. To that end, he lamented being seen as "Bob the UFO guy" in his professional life and explained that this stigma is one reason why he has eschewed the ufological community in the ensuing years since the story first became worldwide news.

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