David Wilcock Explores Lost Pyramids Of An Advanced Ancient Global Civilization

Published on November 10, 2019

Insiders now reveal that the first wave of disclosure may present us with high-quality video of brand-new undersea pyramid ruins. We already have undeniable evidence of a global civilisation that built pyramids all over the world… in Antarctica, Australia, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, India and North America as well as the known players in Egypt and Mesoamerica. Add in megalithic architecture and the scope widens even more. Join David as he presents the latest evidence that this lost civilisation must have been worldwide. Learn how they levitated the stones into place and the importance of natural Earth energy fields in doing so. This presentation is rich with exciting photographs and will leave you in shock as you realise the scope and power of this ancient civilisation that is hiding right out in the open! Discover their message… and warning… for today.

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