Did Leonardo Da Vinci predicted this UFO sighting?

Published on January 4, 2018

On the 3rd of January a lady in New Zealand filmed these 3 UFO's hoovering above her cattle farm. The 3 UFO's were moving independently from each other. The strange thing is that this sighting seems to be predicted by the great painter and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci in his painting Salvator Mundi. In this painting Jezus Chris is seem to be holding a crystal orb that contains 3 light orbs. These orbs show a lot of similarity with the 3 orbs that were captured over the cattle ranch in New Zealand. The woman said that at the time of the sighting, a cow was giving birth. Is there a connection with the vision that Leonardo Da Vinci had when he painted this painting. The 3 orbs in the painting represent the 'crystalline sphere' of the heavens…

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