Dolores Cannon My Incredible Conversation with Nostradamus [FULL VIDEO]

Published on August 27, 2017

Through a million-to-one chance, contact through Dolores Cannon, Nostradamus has broke through to our time period to reveal the events he foresaw rushing toward humankind. The master himself explains the puzzles he carefully concealed in code within his famous quatrains or prophecies. By speaking from his time to our time, he warns us so we can use our free will to help change the future. Nostradamus himself gives us that rare chance to see our future and to change it. Will we take advantage of this chance? Nostradamus is speaking from HIS time to OUR time. He has come to tell us about where and how we must concentrate our energies during the next several years in order to curtail some of the events in our future which he has foreseen. Subscribe to UAMN TV for more new releases in 2017

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