High Ranking Official Describes UFO Incidents That Have EVERYONE Wondering What Is Going On

Published on July 8, 2019

Captain Robert L. Salas will speak about his own experiences as a witness to an incident at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, during which missiles were disabled during a UFO encounter. He will also discuss another, similar incident that occurred eight days later in the same vicinity. After this incident, the U.S. Air Force denied that UFOs were involved in these incidents. Salas will present detailed evidence that this denial and cover-up resulted in the withholding of evidence from the Air Force-funded Condon Committee’s investigation into the UFO phenomenon. Salas believes that the intentional scrubbing of the evidence in these cases contributed to the development of the current policy of denial and dismissal about the UFO phenomenon. Robert will discuss other, previously unreported UFO incidents that witnesses have only recently disclosed publicly for the first time. These stories also involve sightings on or near bases. These combined incidents clearly indicate a pattern of interest by extraterrestrials in our capabilities.

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