Published on August 18, 2019

LIFEGEIST – THE MOVIE – CHAOS, MYSTERY & WONDER! A Tim Crawford Film. Only on UFOTV® ALL ACCESS. Subscribe at for Universal Access across all TVs and devices. Filmmaker Tim Crawford looks at the chaos, mystery and wonder of Life on Earth and the defining spirit of ideas and events now affecting our world. BE SURE TO SEE THE BONUS VIDEO – LIFEGEIST – A COSMIC PURPOSE? HERE ON YOUTUBE. The Meaning of Life, the Price of Immortality, Science, Genetics, Animal Rights, Human Rights, War Refugees, Mass Human Migrations, the Homeless, and the Future of all Life on Earth stands in the balance. There are over 7-Billion people alive on planet Earth. This film provides a birds eye view on what's really happening with Life on Earth including our own. This is LIFEGEIST. Filmmaker Tim Crawford is also know as the creator of UFOTV®, a World Wide Multi-Platform Television Network known for Theatrical Feature Length Movies and Documentaries on UFO Disclosure, Exotic Science, Forbidden Archeology, Suppressed History, and Consciousness. UFOTV® is now approaching it's 30th Anniversary.

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