Linda Moulton Howe Advanced Alien Technology Discovery, They’re Watching Us!!

Published on March 22, 2018

Linda Moulton Howe has discovered an alien presence on Earth that camouflages itself with sophisticated holograms and invisibility and its propulsion manipulates gravity. This account suggests the mysterious dragonfly drones are still active in our skies and perhaps even more strangely, have been ever-present here on earth, with purpose unknown. There are many bizarre aspects to this case such as the strange self-activating symbol ‘language’. Those who saw the dragonfly drones reported that they would appear, then disappear from sight, only to reappear again, all in a few seconds time. Where did they come from? Could they be aliens spying on Earth? Or were they a part of the government's secret space program? These mysteries of dragonfly drones have certainly caught the attention of Howe.

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