Linda Moulton Howe The Alien Disclosure’s They Tried to Keep Secret

Published on April 24, 2018

Linda Moulton Howe refers to the field of ufology as a "hall of mirrors with a quicksand floor", which is an apt description of the UFO world of intelligence agencies. It seems clear that something is going on, that there is some level of extraterrestrial activity. For those with the curiosity and fortitude to delve into the ufo morass, Howe's revelations are a must-see. Worldwide….crop circles, animal mutilations, alien abductions, other beings, alien symbols, military underground…the facts, eyewitnesses and high strangeness in these phenomena appear to be building toward a revolution in consciousness. "We are moving from the paradigm that we are alone in the universe to a new one in which we are not alone and something out there is interacting with us, our animals and our plant life, forcing glimpses of other realities upon us," reports Emmy award-winning TV producer and writer, Linda Moulton Howe.

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