Nasa captured this image from Jupiter! Giant alien lifeform

Published on November 18, 2018

On the 5th of August 2011 spacecraft Juno was launched by NASA from Cape Canaveral Air Force station. It’s object was to reach Jupiter. It was built by Lockheed Martin and is operated by Nasa’s Jet propulsion Laboratory. Juno entered a polar orbit of Jupiter on July the 5th in 2016. Juno's mission is to measure Jupiter's composition, gravity field, magnetic field, and polar magnetosphere. On the 13th of September 2018 NASA release the following image of Jupiter taken from the Juno spacecraft. It looks like they forgot to double check the image because when we zoom in we can clearly see this anomaly in the picture. You can check out this object on the official NASA website: This bright green object is not a pixel error from the Juno spacecraft or whatever, the object is there. Very bright and very clear. Could this object be a living organism that lives in Jupiter’s ocean of liquid hydrogen? It looks like a giant whale jumping in and out Jupiter’s atmosphere searching for food. Whales on earth do the same thing. Live tends to imitate life. So Is it possible that Juno took a picture of a giant living organism jumping out of Jupiter’s organism? Nasa even managed to captured some audio from this giant organism jumping in and out Jupiter’s atmosphere on the 24th of July 2018. They told us that this audio was caused by some kind of magnetic field but we can clearly make out the sound of a giant organism jumping in a giant pool of some kind of liquid. The thought that Jupiter could hold alien life is not new. Even Arthur C Clarke once theorized on the possibility of alien life existing on Jupiter. In his novel “ Meeting with Medusa” he speculates on the possibility of alien life existing on Jupiter. There could be 2 forms of life on this planet: very smalls organisms that resemble plankton life on earth and large jellyfish type of creatures that fly through Jupiter’s atmosphere to eat these smaller type of organism. So what do you think Juno captured on camera earlier this year? Is it just a camera malfunction or could this be proof of some form of alien life? Thanks for watching, make sure to subscribe and give this video a like since it’s supports the channel! Intergalactic peace! Bey! Music:
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