New Nassim Haramein & Jamie Janover The Geometry of Quantum Gravity [FULL VIDEO]

Published on July 28, 2017

Nassim Haramein and Jamie Janiver look at the fundamental structure of the fabric of space-time. If we consider the most basic possible information structures at the Planck scale, a Planck length line is the most fundamental representation of distance (1D), and a triangle made from three of these lines would form the most fundamental structure of area (2D). Note that a triangle also forms the most stable arrangement of energy in a highly energized lattice, and they can stack in a fractal (and bidirectional) arrangement. Moving up to the next most fundamental dimensional structure, we obtain a Planck scale tetrahedron (3D). From here, we obtain a component that can form a lattice structure that has both planar surfaces and extruded depth, both of which are measured in both space and time.

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