Richard Dolan – Midnight discussion – UFO’s

Published on January 12, 2019

A midnight discussion in Brian Ruhe's apartment about UFOs following a day at the Modern Knowledge Tour in Vancouver BC. Richard Dolan is interviewed by Dawn Henderson.
Crop circles are genuine, not all man made.
Declassified US government documents prove the UFO phenomenon is real.
Aliens are concerned about nukes. UFOs have been seen at atomic bomb tests.
Free energy could be good for us but not the control system. The story of Noah's Arc may indicate advanced genetics in the ancient past. Mk Ultra and CIA mind control was also done in Canada, in Montreal. The CIA works for the uber wealthy, like the Rockefellers. There is likely multiple alien agendas, not just one. Abduction experiences vary greatly. Humans and the world are amazing so we are a fascinating planet to the aliens. They are watching us. We may be an annoyance to them. So they might want to control us and keep the population penned in. Jacques Valet helps because he promotes the hypothesis of UFOs being from other dimensions or realms. We're not at the top. There are entities above us as we are above a dog. Portals seem to exist. His books, "UFOs and the National Security State" and "AD After Disclosure" and "UFOs for the 21st Century Mind." He's a lucky guy because he's doing what he's obsessed with. How he got started. What Werner von Braun may have known. An "alien invasion" would be a false flag. The UFO cover up is at the core of the criminality of our governments, with their secrecy. We could have a renaissance of human society if this was done in the right way. This is an existential question. Who are these aliens?! This effects many people in a deeply personal way. With night goggle vision he saw all kinds of things in the sky.

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