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Published on March 1, 2019

Yo yo this is UFO Today, and today I’m reacting to all the beef that’s going around in the UFO community. I’m talking about Secureteam10 trash talking Third Phase of moon. I’m not going to use any swear words because I’m not stupid, youtube would demonetize my video immediately and I want that easy youtube cash. It’s paying my second Ferrari that I need to conduct my UFO research. So recently Secureteam10 tweeted that they really hated the fact that thirdphaseofmoon was only putting out GAIA movies and weren’t doing the real UFO research. I saw that email and I was confused. I knew that tactic from the days I was listening to Hip Hop a lot. There was this whole east coast west coast beef thing going on. How was I to know that this was going to move over to the ufo youtube community. My first impression was, that’s weird, these guys should love each other. But I was wrong, apparently they hate each other. As a response Thirdphase of moon published a video in which they called out Tyler from secureteam regarding the diss tweet he put out. After a few hours they seem to have come to an agreement because Thirdphaseofmoon deleted their video and Tyler deleted his tweet regarding the fact that Thirdphaseofmoon was now an outlet of GAIA. When I saw this battle, my fist thought was, I should mix UFO today into this, because as was proven by the beef in the hip hop scene, the parties involved always got a surge in their views, sales, whatever, a surge in everything. And since this channel is all about chasing that dollar, I knew I had to get involved into this beef. You know me as UFO today, but few know that ‘m investigating the UFO phenomenon on a daily basis. It’s my full time job as you can see on these pictures. I think the UFO phenomenon is one the most important historical developments ever. I have been researching it for years as my video’s indicate. I have done my part of UFO research. Spending days behind my laptop researching the UFO phenomenon. My motto is “getting my feet dirty”. Getting into the field. UFO research can not be conducted from behind a desktop or laptop. That’s why I watch both Secureteam10’s and Thirdphaseofmoon’s video each and every day. I laugh at their research. They just sit behind their laptop and regurgitate information that is being fed by the mainstream media. Thirdphaseofmoon sometimes goes beyond that laptop feeling and goes into the field, but that’s rarely more that an exploding volcano. Get real, nobody is interested in that type of content. Their UFO content is limited to things that subscriber send them, and it’s less than mediocre. I find it interesting that they live in Hawai, but that’s about it. I love vulcano’s. Than we have secureteam10. Tyler is the typical laptop researcher. Never gets his feet wet. Never is seen in the fields. He only checks out what his latest google search feeds him. It’s really rridiculously. Somebody records a blimp and Tyler puts “did they come from this universe” in his title. His thumbnails are the worst. You never know what you’re going to get when you click on a secureteam10 video. It’s either great or really horrible. Most likely the latter. Let’s be honest, UFO today is one of the only channels out there exposing the truth regarding the UFO phenomenon. I’m curous what the feedback is going to be from Lionsground. I like his content, but he needs to focus on what he’s doing. Is he running a UFO channel or a luxurious radio channel? Give this guy some love, because he’s one of the few freethinking youtube channels out there! I’m serious! And I’m sure he’s going to diss my channel because of this video, Thank you Heathcliff!
We’ll add more UFO actors to this UFO community diss track in the future. If you want your favourite UFO researcher dissed by the one and only UFO Today youtube channel, let me know in the comments below. I’ll diss them. I’ll diss them good!
I’m adding UFO Proof and UFO Adicts’s video on this topic in order to twist their nipples. I’m going to add as much add’s as possible in order they join this UFO beef. They’ll have to pick a side. And the end game is to gain as much views as possible and to show as much adds as possible. Let’s do this! Thanks to Alien Adict for letting me use his video under the creative commons license. Check out his original video video this link: Thanks to UFO proof for letting me use his video under the creative commons license. Check out his original video video this link: CGI Snake van Chris Zabriskie is gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Attribution-licentie (

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