This Moon Landing Hoax Video Claims NASA ‘faked’ Apollo 11 Mission [FULL VIDEO]

Published on July 4, 2017

Since the first televised landing, NASA‘s moon missions have been subject to intense scrutiny, and remain the focus of countless conspiracy theories today. Many claim that the American space agency faked its moon missions in order to showcase its dominance over Russia – and put an end to the space race. This video now aims to settle the decades-long debate for good, claiming that it can prove for sure that the Apollo 10 mission was faked. Marcus Allen, UK publisher of Nexus Magazine, examines the anomalies surrounding the Moon landings. Does the evidence for these events stand up to scrutiny? Were the dangers of radiation really overcome? Were the extreme temperatures of space too great for humans to survive? Were the Moon rocks real? Were the photographs really taken on the Moon or during training exercises here on Earth? Surely the Russians would have ‘blown the whistle’ if they suspected wrong doing – or would they? This presentation helps explain why so many people now doubt the official story of the Moon landings. Recorded at Truth, Mysteries and New Frontiers [Glastonbury Symposium]

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