Top secret UFO video leaked from Pentagon – This could change the UFO game forever!

Published on January 12, 2019

A couple of days ago, a video was published on the dark web by the user of "Iknowthings" who claims that this video was stored on the servers of the Pentagon and was tagged as 'top secret". I downloaded the video and shared it with a couple of my friends in the UFO community and they all told me the same, this footage looks real and it could change everything we know about the UFO story. The footage shows how a police officer stopped a car for a reason unknown. When the officer gets out to ask the driver some question, we see a very bright light coming from the skies. It's unknown whether the body of the officer was 'teleported" and his clothes were left on the ground. After the light disappears the driver, obviously scared, drives of. It's unclear where this event took place. The user that uploaded this footage also released some other files to show that his claims regarding the Pentagon were real, but since these documents contained a lot of personal information I decided not to include them into the video, but it was clear that this person did had access to top secret files. This video could be the smoking gun we are looking for in the UFO community. I'm trying to contact the person that uploaded the video in order to find out whether he/she has more UFO related material. I'll keep you posted!

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