UFO Disclosure Secrets – What Did Our Presidents Know and When Did They Know It

Published on January 12, 2019

A look inside the oval office for a unique view of UFOs in America and more specifically, what America's presidents–from Washington to Obama–have witnessed and believed. Most of us know that George Washington was heavily involved with the secret society the Freemasons. But how many of us know about George Washington's UFO sighting during the terrible winter at Valley Forge, and how the experience guided his future? Marilyn Monroe is rumored to have had UFO intel that she gained via pillow-talk from JFK. Under Nixon's presidency we orbited and walked upon the surface the moon while almost at the same time the Air Force was exploiting the Air Force as scientific cover for its decision to terminate Project Blue Book. Jimmie Carter was visited by UFOs multiple times. UFOs and the White House is an oft-overlooked glimpse at history that will appeal to historians as well as advocates of the paranormal.

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