Underworld Reptilian Caverns That Exist Deep Beneath The Earths Surface

Published on May 28, 2019

John has wide knowledge of Secret Underground Bases and the advanced tunneling technologies used to create them. He will give us a clear view into the secret government and “alien” underworlds that exist beneath our feet. In this vein, John will tell us about the early history of tunnel building under Los Angeles, and the South Bay, in connection with the aerospace industry. During that time, and thereafter, they moved their most sensitive facilities underground, sometimes under gated communities where the companies housed their scientists. Could the tunnels under LA be extensions of early Chinese tunnels, or part of a network of tunnels that may have been built by the Lizard People of Hopi Legend? Rhodes will tell us what the Hopi say about the Lizard People and the “Ant People,” which are said to appear when the world is about to be cyclically cleansed? Finally, John will introduce us to the Reptoids 64 key “All is Light” message, which was revealed to a group of humans by alien intelligence. Deciphering the message led Rhodes to explore an ancient and secret numerical sequence–which is found in the game of chess, at the root of many biological forms found in nature and which is deeply embedded in the core of our Digital Age technologies. Did aliens introduce us to this profoundly significant mathematical sequence–and if so, for what purpose?

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