Woman Discovers The True Purpose of Alien Visitation During UFO Encounter

Published on June 11, 2019

What is the purpose of extraterrestrial contact? How does it serve the individual contactee and the human species, or is it actually harmful? Why are there so many different opinions as to whether aliens are friends or foes? In 1987, wise, mysterious visitors contacted Lisette Larkins–which initially turned her world upside down, but ultimately served as a wake-up call to her true identity as a spiritual being. Join Lisette Larkins, author and life-long extraterrestrial encounter experiencer, for an inspirational exploration of the promise and potential of this Earth adventure. This may help us to actively dissolve the cultural amnesia that prevents us from knowing the grand design and goals of our immortal selves. Lisette Larkins has written five books about her encounters with ET intelligence.

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